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Pearl Care


Now that you have chosen some wonderful pearls; how can you keep their beautiful luster forever?



When dealing with pearls, prevention is the key. Once your pearls are damaged, it is impossible to restore them. Know that your pearls are composed of organic materials and therefore are sensitive to chemicals that can alter the surface and make them dull or lose their luster. You must therefore avoid contact with beauty products, perfume, hairspray, chlorine (avoid the pool with pearls) and other chemicals. Make a habit of putting on your jewelry after primping. Also, watch out for spoiled products as well as heat sources that can dry out your pearls.



It cannot be repeated enough: the best way to keep your pearls radiant is simply to wear them. The pearl must maintain a humidity level above 4% to stay healthy. The moisture of your skin will help nourish your pearls. They will thank you for wearing them. However, be careful of heat, because if you sweat profusely, you will need to pay special attention to the maintenance of your pearls. The same attention should be given if your skin is very acidic.

It is recommended to clean them regularly with a soft, damp cloth before storing them. This will remove chemicals and perspiration that may have stuck to the surface and damage the beads. Take the time to thoroughly clean each pearl paying attention to less accessible areas. Then let your jewelry dry before storing.

Be careful not to rub the pearls! Remember that you only want to remove surface contaminants, not polish them. Never use brushes or accessories designed to clean metal jewelry. You should never try to clean your pearls in an ultrasonic machine or use silver or gold cleaning liquids as this will permanently damage them.

A natural ally

You can use a few drops of olive oil on a soft cloth to clean your pearls occasionally. In small quantities, olive oil will enhance the luster of your pearls without damaging them.  Again, only use a little oil and be sure to let the jewelry dry before storing. This method can be used once every two years or so.


It is advisable to keep your pearls in a box or in a soft fabric. Take care to avoid contact with your other jewels. Unfortunately in terms of hardness, the nacre of your pearls is no match against metals and other stones of your jewelry. To avoid marks or scratches on your pearls, store them in their box or a soft fabric pouch. It is important to know that there is no "method" to repair a damaged pearl.

We strongly advise you not to leave pearls in safety deposit boxes at the bank. Exposing your pearls for long periods of time to a very dry atmosphere will cause their moisture levels to drop, which can cause your pearls to crack or peel over time.




We recommend that you wear your pearls regularly to help maintain their beauty while enhancing yours, of course. However, the regular wearing of a pearl necklace will eventually lead to wear of the silk thread holding the beads. If the necklace was mounted according to professional standards, a knot tied between each pearl will protect you from losing all of your pearls in case of breakage, and prevent beads from rubbing together.

To avoid breakage of the silk thread, it is recommended to have it examined annually by an expert (a jeweler, or by Perla obviously). If necessary, you can put your beads back on a new silk thread to ensure optimal resistance.
You may have heard that you should never shower with a pearl necklace. Other than the chemicals and soaps that can damage the mother of pearl, it's water in large quantities that could damage the silk connecting your pearls together. Once wet, the silk can stretch if subjected to weight. If your pearl necklace is soaked, it is imperative to let it dry flat, so that the weight of the pearls does not stretch the silk thread.

If you have any particular questions concerning the maintenance or care of your pearls, do not hesitate to contact me; it will be my pleasure to advise you so that your beauties preserve their brilliance for generations to come.

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